Get Started!

In the world of Internet, there’s so much and its all over. So getting started with a something new could be sometimes daunting. Following are some of the good technical reference materials that I found to be useful when trying to explore new / existing topics. Hope these cut down your cycles!

Reactive Extensions ( Rx )

  • A very good introductory video on Reactive Extensions(video).


  • REST explained in very simple, understandable terms. Recommended for anyone who wants to get started with REST(video).
  • Now read the original dissertation of Roy Thomas Fielding.
  • A good coverage of different articles on InfoQ related to REST. Do read the REST implementation of “how to GET a coffee use case”. It gives a perspective on how REST can be used to model a complete state machine(article).

Twitter Bootstrap

  • Watch this video if you want a quick hands on intro.
  • A simple step-by-step introduction to the Bootstrap framework. Its a multi-part series, with inline links to subsequent articles.
  • A crisp introduction to LESS & Sass


There has been a lot of talk and hype 🙂 on this. So just wanted to give it read and see if its really worth all the hype.

  • Read this and this to get know what Node.js is all about.
  • A very crisp unbiased view of Node.js from Chris Richardson. This really helped to understand how to fit Node.js from an Architect prespective. I have decided to try out a few samples myself.

Microservices Pattern

The above video on Node.js touches upon using Node.js as an API gateway in Architectures based on Microservices. I was curious to know what those were. The below ones came to my rescue :).

  • Read this good writeup again by Chris Richarsan to understand Microservics pattern.
  • Another deep dive introduction by Martin Fowler &  James Lewis.

Angular JS

A lot of buzz around this SPA framework. Check out this video for a very through overview of the nuts and bolts of Angular JS. Another good hands on video for Anjular JS.


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